The Day We Will Remember


"Safety is about more than protecting yourself. It is about protecting your coworkers, your friends, and your family from a life without you. We're lucky enough to forget our day-to-day, but when somebody is seriously injured, that's the day we will remember for the rest of our lives."

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DECEMBER 30th, 1995

On this day my family’s entire world changed. While working in the Electric Arc Furnace combustion  chamber I was struck on the head by a piece of slag. The medical impact was a complete skull fracture, but the impact on my family was much more severe...

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While I do share my own story during presentations, I also share those of 3 close friends and coworkers who learned valuable lessons through much more difficult circumstances than what I dealt with.


It may seem a little crazy for a grown man to show up to a classroom in full safety apparel. It’s not nearly as crazy as the story behind it.

Listening to Ricky’s Stories was like watching a talented seamstress take several pieces of material and sewing them together to make a beautiful quilt.
— Paul Crisafulli, Safety Advocate for National Grid

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