I’m incredibly grateful for each opportunity to share my story. I’d like to send a special thank you to the following individuals for their kind words…




I wanted to say thank you for sharing the stories from your career in the steel industry and mention how your presentation had an impact on my life.  During your presentation, you mentioned the everyday safety risks we encounter and our role in making choices to increase or decreasing this level of risk.  You likened this to a game of Russian Roulette and the decision(s) we make to either put more bullets in the revolver, or take bullets out.  One of the stories you told involved your son who had been in a car accident and was, most likely, saved because he wore his seatbelt.  When I returned home from work that day, I had to take my son to practice. 

My son Harrison is 15 years old and will be able to take driver’s education and learn to drive soon.  I decided to share some of the highlights from your presentation as our culture and values relating to safe behavior should be extended beyond the workplace to our lives at home.  He had never heard of Russian Roulette, so I had to explain the basics to him.  When we get in the car together, the first thing we do is to put on our seatbelts.  If I happen to forget, Harrison now reminds me saying “take the  bullets out of the gun Dad.”  This ongoing dialogue has helped us to reinforce the importance of putting a seatbelt on whenever we are in a motor vehicle.  If I am in a hurry and go through an intersection on a yellow light, or speed up to pass another vehicle, Harrison will say “take the bullets out of the gun Dad.”  I have come to welcome these comments because my son is demonstrating and attitude that values safety over time and convenience.

Thank you again for sharing your stories and the valuable safety lessons you have learned through life’s experiences.

Zach Sheridan"



I just want to say thanks for your presentation this morning.  I really felt like I got a lot out of it.  It caused me to think seriously about changing some of my behaviors.  I have used smokeless tobacco off and on since I was a teenager.  I will turn 45 this month and it has been heavy on my mind to kick the habit.  I have a wife and 8 children.  After hearing you speak, and contemplating all I have to lose, I walked out of the meeting with full intentions of not dipping again.  What you said and how you said it was the perfect motivation that I needed.  In my mind I have been battling when and how to quit, but your talk helped me decide.  It won't be easy but I'm going to try.




"Ricky, your presentation of “The Day We Will Remember” was excellent. It was hard to find a dry eye in the audience at times, and the message was potent. Thank you for sharing such a powerful story.

Thank you so much,

Mark Dyer"



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